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Mike Ramone Supports Brenda Mennella as the Next Representative for District 21

Mike Ramone and Brenda Mennella

In a significant endorsement for the upcoming elections, Representative Mike Ramone has thrown his support behind Brenda Mennella as the next Representative for District 21. This endorsement marks a pivotal moment in the campaign, underscoring Brenda's strong candidacy and her commitment to serving the community.

Brenda Mennella's dedication to our community is unmatched. Her tireless work ethic and unwavering passion for the betterment of District 21 have earned her respect and admiration from constituents and leaders alike. As she steps forward into this role, Brenda brings with her a clear vision for a brighter future, one that builds upon the progress initiated by Representative Ramone.

Representative Ramone's endorsement is not just a nod to Brenda's qualifications; it is a recognition of her capability to lead and effect meaningful change. Throughout his tenure, Representative Ramone has worked diligently to address the needs of our district, and he sees in Brenda a continuation of that legacy—a leader who will champion the issues that matter most to our community.

Brenda Mennella's candidacy represents a fresh perspective and a wealth of new ideas that resonate deeply with the challenges and opportunities facing District 21 today. Her advocacy for education, healthcare, and economic development reflects a comprehensive approach to governance, aimed at improving the lives of all Delawareans.

As we move forward, let's unite in support of Brenda Mennella. Together, we can uphold the progress we've made and forge ahead toward an even better future for District 21. Brenda's leadership promises to be inclusive, forward-thinking, and responsive to the diverse needs of our community.

Support Brenda Mennella for District 21—because together, we build a better Delaware.

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